San Antonio to open first book-less library

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – The times, they are a changing.  In what many view as the establishment catching up with technology, San Antonio will soon be home to the only bookless public library.

In Spanish, the word for library is ‘biblioteca’ but this is America so the library will be called BiblioTech… hey it`s in San Antonio.  BiblioTech will be stocked with computers, study areas, meeting rooms and take home e-readers.  If you haven’t seen the mock up… some say it looks like an Apple store.

BiblioTech may sound like a great one point five million dollar investment… but some wonder if it`ll work… since it`s not the first library to attempt a high tech transformation.  The Santa Rosa Public Library in Tucson Arizona tried in 2002… but later added the hard copy versions again.

BiblioTech is likely to encounter some of the same problems Santa Rosa did. Problems like: One, some people just prefer a hard copy. Two, people who aren`t ‘techy’ may need extra help… which would require a larger staff and budget. Three, and perhaps most importantly… many best sellers and other popular media aren`t digitally available to libraries.  ‘Available’ means they`d cost too much for a public library`s budget.

So if BiblioTech is able to beat the odds and succeed, its story would be one for the books.