Minor in Hop Hop at University or Arizona

TUCSON, AZ- For all you haters who said Hip Hop was just a passing fad, this next joint is for you.

The University of Arizona (or as we like to call it, the  “Vizza Rizza”) offers classes in Hip Hop.

Nothing new, right? Houston rapper Bun B’s been schoolin’ eggheads at Rice University on the subject for a couple of years now.

But the “Vizza Rizza” decided to take it Big Willie Style and offer a minor on the subject. It’s not a Ph.D; more like a Ph.T.

Alain-Philippe Durand, interim director of Africana Studies at the “Vizza Rizza” says Rap and Hip Hop are “super popular” worldwide.

He says hip hop affects every single discipline and many aspects of society. that’s why classes will include culture, fashion, street art, dance, film and, of course, music.

You might be wondrin’ why this minor first blew up in tuc-town (tuck town)(that’s tucson for you ig’nant skeezas out there). you might think it shoulda dropped east coast or west coast first.

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