Thigh’s the limit! Men Want Mini Skirts Banned from Office

The thigh’s the limit when it comes to work attire. Why you ask? Because the office dwelling males can’t handle it! According to a new survey out England, at least 1/3 of men want miniskirts banned from the office. Other revealing wardrobe pieces that they want removed: hotpants, see-through blouses and low-cut tops.

Yes, we should be able to wear what we want without them getting all hot and bothered at work, but there ya have it.

But here’s something that may being a bit of a shocker among other distracting items… Uggs, slogan T-shirts and CROCS. I’m sorry CROCS are offensive to anyone with eyes.

Here’s a breakdown of the top offenders.

  1. Hotpants – 50%
  2. Sheer blouse – 41%
  3. Miniskirt – 39%
  4. Low cut top – 38%
  5. Crocs – 36%
  6. Anything with leopard or animal print – 33%
  7. Slogan t-shirts – 32%
  8. UGG boots – 26%

And the majority of women feel that some of these items should be banned. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of women say colleagues should be stopped from wearing tiny shorts and 52 per cent believe miniskirts are unprofessional. Instead when women were asked what makes them confident and powerful in the workplace over a third of women polled said something red.

I always say dress whatever “part” you want.

Serve up your thoughts.

And that’s today’s helping of the Online Dish with Maggie.

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