FAA: No texting while flying

WASHINGTON, D.C. – We live in a distracted world these days. Distracted walking at the very least can get you wet. Distracted driving can kill you. But distracted flying can kill you and a lot of others.

That’s why the Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a rule to ban the use of personal electronic devices in the cockpit.

In the past, pilots were banned from using personal electronics only during ‘critical phases’ of the flight, meaning takeoff and landing. Under the new rule, pilots would be banned for the entire flight from using any computer gadget for personal reasons.

Don’t worry, pilots will still be able to use computers and tablets to fly the plane and for safety reasons.

Don’t give the FAA too much credit for using common sense; this proposal is a reaction to legislation approved by Congress last year.  Though no crashes have been blamed on ‘distracted flying,’ in 2009, a Northwest Airlines crew missed their destination by 150 miles because they were on their laptops.

It’s too bad we need a rule or legislation to tell pilots put away the laptops, stow the phones and just fly the dang plane.

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1 Comment

  • D6waco

    Apparently the forum does not want to discuss texting & flying. I have first hand experience i related and it has been deleted. I have retained the text messages received from the pilot who crashed ten minutes after I received 2 text messages while he was flying he in a commercial operation.