Not only did this priest like to cross-dress, he also sold meth

BRIDGEPORT, CT – From Catholic Diocese Priest to drug pusher? A Connecticut pastor is busted for allegedly plotting to sell meth.

No, this isn’t a spin-off to AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, a show about a high school chemistry teacher turned crystal methamphetamine producer. The real life holy roller in hot water is 61-year-old Monsignor Kevin Wallin. He’s been arrested along with four others, charged with participating in a drug distribution conspiracy.

Wallin was pastor of St. Augustine in Bridgeport for nine years, before suspiciously stepping down last summer. The Connecticut Post reported it was because the clergyman was caught cross-dressing by church officials and having sex in his rectory.

After his fall from grace, the alleged monsignor meth reportedly bought an adult specialty store that sold sex toys and X-rated DVD’s. A business that investigators say he used to launder the $9000 a week from meth sales. He also continued to distance himself from the diocese.

The holy Heisenberg, along with his four other pals are being held without bail. If convicted, the priest and his posse can be put away for about 30 years. Amen!

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