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Unemployed man wins million dollar lottery

MERLIN, OR – It started with dinner, and ended with a million dollars.

Riley Gunn stopped at the Lil Pantry in Merlin, Oregon for a little dinner and while he was there, something told him to buy a lottery ticket. So he followed his intuition, bought a ticket, forgot about it and then a few days later checked the results online.

It was a $1 million winner!

“It was a shock, I didn’t know what to say or do.  I just kept saying, no it can’t be real!” said his wife Misti.

It’s a total change for fortune, especially seeing as the family had been living on unemployment. Both Riley and his wife were laid off last year.

Now, with their $650,000 after tax take-home, they bought a car, a home and some new toys for the kids. They also tithed thousands of dollars to their church.

A little bit of faith goes a long way.

“We can be in a safe, secure spot in our life, for once, it’s amazing,” said Misti.

As for the future, both Riley and Misti are taking college classes. They say the money will help them get college degrees.

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