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Wyoming abortion bills focus on fetal heartbeats

CHEYENNE, WY – A couple of bills are beating their way through the Wyoming legislature, both focusing on abortions.

One of the bills would outlaw all abortions in Wyoming if doctors detect a fetal heartbeat.

Right now, the state prohibits abortions after a fetus reaches ‘viability’.

The bill defines a legal heartbeat as cardiac activity, or steady rhythmic contractions that standard monitoring equipment can pick up.

The other bill is kind of like a fall back in case that one fails.

It would make sure the potential mother is fully informed. Not only would she get to listen to the fetal heartbeat, her doctor would have to tell her about the nasty side effects she may experience, such as infection, hemorrhage, cervical or uterine perforation, the increased risk of breast cancer, and, of course, the death of the unborn fetus.

The doctor would also have to show the results of ultra-sound and explain the age of the fetus, along with its physical and physiological characteristics.

Of course, if the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life, she could get the abortion immediately, the ultimate loophole in the abortion debate.

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