Algerian gas plan attack update

A deadly end to a hostage crisis at a gas plant in Algeria. The details are sketchy, but the Algeria state news agency says at least 19 hostages and 29 militants are dead while dozens remain unaccounted for.

According to the US State Department, at least one of the confirmed dead is 58-year-old Frederick Buttaccio, who is reportedly from Katy.

Algeria state news reports it all started Wednesday when Islamist militants with ties to Al-Qaida attacked buses from the plant that were headed to the airport. The news agency says they then stormed the complex, which is also run by BP and a Norwegian company, reportedly targeting foreign workers.

Terrorists reportedly held hundreds of the workers hostage and rigged the plant with explosives, threatening to blow it up.

British officials say the Algerian army finally put an end to the situation by storming the plant on Saturday.

Now all that’s left of this hostage situation is for the smoke to clear and for answers to surface.

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