Houston honors MLK on Inauguration Day

HOUSTON, TX – It’s a great day for so many reasons. You’ve got the second Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Day to celebrate.

So, is there any better way to celebrate such a historic day than with a parade?

Well, no. It might not have been the same scale as the Inaugural Parade in Washington, but the Black Heritage Society pays tribute to Dr. King with the 35th Annual Original MLK parade.

Parade participants took off from the corner of Jackson and Texas, in downtown, and boy were they celebrating. While many folks who showed up wanted to celebrate the meaning of the day, others, like Pat Hawkins, have a more personal tie to the day.

Hawkins told us this day is significant to her because she was there in 1952 when equality for people of color was still a work in progress. She recalls, “… Back in ’52 I experienced a taste of it and I tell my children about how I went into the back of the restaurant to buy a hamburger in the kitchen… I just thank God that I’m able to look at that not as something negative but to show that we’ve grown so much.”

Yeah, we could always focus on the growing pains, but on a day like today, let’s just focus on the progress.

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