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Dentist replaces 4-year-old’s teeth with silver crowns

PHOENIX, AZ – Four-year-old Savannah White had four cavities. So like any other concerned parent Savannah’s mom, Alecia, took her to get them filled.

Savannah was put under sedation while her mom waited in the waiting room.

When the procedure was done and Savannah woke from her nap. Alecia took a look into Savannah’s mouth.

She saw every single tooth from top to bottom capped with stainless steel crowns.

Alecia said she didn’t expect for her whole mouth to be silver. We went in for a few cavities and her whole mouth was silver.

But as horrible as it sounds could this be considered normal?

We asked Dr. Richard Chaet, former president of Arizona Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Chaet said he did say wow there was a lot of silver caps on her teeth. This is a child at high risk for decay.

All this left poor Savannah mortified.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have to grin and bare it.

Another dentist offered to put on white veneers, free of charge. And now Savannah has her beautiful smile back.

Seems like a waste, she could have been the star of the next Paul Wall video.

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