Groupon cancels all gun related deals

CHICAGO, IL – Groupon is the online site that offers group discounts for things like massages, jewelry and food.

Now, Groupon is now doing its part to control the sale and use of firearms in America.

The Chicago-based company says it has pulled on gun-related deals, and will not be offering any more in the foreseeable future. They say it’s because of customer pressure following last month`s shootings in Newtown, CT.

So you’re out of luck if you were looking for that special Valentine’s deal for a day at the shooting range or concealed handgun classes.

But some Texans aren’t buying the new policy.

The owner of the Central Texas Gun Works in Austin is calling for a nationwide boycott after Groupon canceled his deal for a concealed handgun training course.

But fear not, you can still fire all of your guns at once with a discount from Survival Games of Texas, which allows you to shoot and kill your family and friends…with paintballs.

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