Huge boulder crashes into Utah home

ST. GEORGE, UT – Forget the alarm clock, Wanda Denhalter, of St. George, Utah got a more natural kind of wakeup call at 3am Saturday morning.

In true Fred Flintstone style a huge boulder rolled down the Danhalter’s hill and right into their bedroom.

Wanda did get lucky, but didn’t make it out Scott free. The boulder broke her jaw, cracked her sternum and she got a pretty serious cut, but she’s alright.

Her husband, Scot, warned Wanda of this potential danger before they moved in, but Wanda’s response was, “that’ll never happen.”


She’ll have her mouth wired shut for a couple of weeks while her jaw heals, but if you’re smart Scot; you’ll keep your mouth shut and leave any impending “I told you so’s” out of it!

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