Crazy Blind Date App

OkCupid is trying to spice up the online dating industry with their new app. It’s called the Crazy Blind Date App.

And it lives up to its name. The app will set up two people, who know absolutely nothing about each other. All you know about the person is whatever you can decipher from the jumbled up profile picture. The app matches you based on your hidden profiles: name, age, sexual orientation, potential date spots, and when you’re available to meet. Then cupid makes a love connection based on who’s available on the same night, in the same neighborhood. The creators of the app say people are too busy to set up their own dates, so why not let an “app” decide?

Not that far from traditional dating. Either way you’re taking a chance on that hottie you’ve been chatting with is really an ogre.

Seriously you might as well just grab someone off the street. At least you can see them, and it might be safer.

Serve up your thoughts on the app.

And that’s today’s special helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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