Australian scientists discover potential cure for AIDS

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Researchers down under are giving the AIDS virus a run for its money. Australian scientists are working on a possible cure for the deadly disease. They’ve modified an HIV protein in order to prevent it from replicating. In other words, it stops the disease in its tracks.

Animal testing will be done this year. But even if the trials are successful, humans couldn’t get their hands on a so-called breakthrough drug for another decade.

Keep in mind; HIV and AIDS isn’t the same thing. This possible cure wouldn’t stop a person from contracting HIV, but it would stop the AIDS virus (which is the final stage of HIV) from developing.

So stay safe out there.

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  • Malundi Gondwe

    This is interesting Aids cure discovered but humans would not get the miracle drug till a decade.All this long why?This is an agent matter that needs explosive attention because people are tied of swallowing drugs all the time.

  • Swede760

    The big Pharmacutical Companies will never let them find a Cure for Anything because they would not make as much money. They want you to stay sick so you will buy thier Drugs to Treat your Symptoms not Cure your problem.