Houston announces amnesty program for unpaid tickets

HOUSTON, TX – Stop running, dude! Now is your chance to come clean with the law. Starting today and through Saturday, February 9, the Houston Municipal Courts are implementing an amnesty program for outstanding tickets and delinquent traffic citations. If you’re willing to pay, judges promised to be kind to you.

“We are encouraging anyone who has delinquent court matters to take advantage of coming in,” said Barbara E. Hartle, Director and Presiding Judge. “They will not be arrested if they have outstanding warrants.  They can speak with court officials; they can speak with prosecutors and judges and take care of delinquent matters at a discounted rate.”

This is like a Groupon for traffic violations. A good-will-type new year’s resolution on behalf of the Municipal Courts Department. Most delinquent traffic and non-traffic citations that were delinquent on or before October 21, 2012, will be eligible for amnesty discounts. Parking citations, previously adjudicated cases, capias pro fine cases and red light camera citations are not eligible for this amnesty.

“This is really geared towards the citizen who got the speeding ticket or got the citation, put the citation in the glove box and failed to come to court,” added Judge Hartle.

Mr. or Mrs. delinquent driver, stop procrastinating.  Once again, go and take advantage of this opportunity.  It’s all you need to stay out of jail.

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