MO lawmaker wants parents to notify kids’ schools if they own guns

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ST. LOUIS, MO – We all want the gun violence to stop, and that’s bringing up a range of new ideas. From the notion that everyone should be armed, to a new measure proposed from a lawmaker a few states over, some of the suggestions are making us scratch our heads.

For example, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal wants to make it mandatory for parents to notify their children’s schools if they have guns in the home.

We think it’s awesome that she is thinking outside of the box and throwing fresh ideas out there; but we’re also thinking that real solutions may need to go deeper.

Some laws should probably change, but we also need solutions that are more than just Band-Aids. They need to target the route of the problem, so we will have to start by figuring out exactly what that is.

One idea: kindness, respect and safety can be raised in school without local gun data. Maybe we can pay more attention to these things, because people who feel loved and included don’t go on shooting rampages. Just sayin…