North Korea: U.S. is sworn enemy, vows more nuclear tests

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PYONGYANT, NORTH KOREA – The remake of the movie ‘Red Dawn’ is about a group of American teenagers trying to re-take their town after a North Korean invasion.

Don’t laugh, kids, because that’s exactly what the North Koreans want to do.

North Korea’s National Defense Commission, in other words, L’il Kim and the gang, is calling Uncle Sam the sworn enemy of the Korean people. And to show us they mean business, they say they will carry out another nuclear test and more launches of the country’s long-range rockets as part of what they call a ‘new phase of confrontation with the united states.’

If North Korea wants to be mad at someone, try being mad at the United Nations Security Council, which just condemned last year’s rocket launch.

But the North Koreans generally ignore anything from the UN, which condemned the country’s nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009.

Nuclear testing is no laughing matter, especially from a country with very little to lose.