Equifax caught selling personal data of millions of Americans

ATLANTA, GA – Equifax, the big credit reporting agency, sometimes uses football to promote its products and services.

But some people are claiming ‘illegal procedure.’

There’s a report that Equifax has the goods on about a third of all American adults (that’s us, kids) in the form of employment and salary records.

And it seems Equifax sold some of the 190 million records to debt collectors, financial service companies, potential employers, landlords and others.

Equifax apparently does this through the outfit called ‘The Work Number.’

That has been collecting weekly payroll information for quite a while from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and schools.

But wait! There’s more!

Equifax and The Work Number also collect information on your healthcare provider, your dental insurance, or if you’ve ever filed for unemployment. And, it seems, many employers let Equifax tap directly into their data bases, and, in some cases, they pay Equifax to take your personal and private information.

And guess what else. Not only does Equifax turn around and re-sell that information to others, but it’s apparently all legal. That’s right. No one can get the information unless you say it’s okay.

But it’s one of those ‘rock and hard place’ things where you can’t get that loan, or that job, or that apartment unless you sign on the dotted line.

Just another way for the man to stick it to you. And get paid to do it.

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