Gov. Perry is still talking about the state of the state

HOUSTON – Governor Rick Perry came to Houston to talk about the state of the State of the State.

The Greater Houston Partnership threw a special luncheon for Houston big-wigs, and served up the governor as the main course.

Perry told the assembled swells just about the same things he outlined in his State of the State address earlier in the week to lawmakers and state officials: The state is strong, the economy is growing, and the future is limitless.

One thing he didn’t mention in Austin was how Houston will benefit from the state’s investment in the Emerging Technology Fund.

An outfit called Procyrion working with the University of Houston and the Texas Heart Institute to develop a micro-pump for people suffering from heart failure.

“That company will receive an initial investment of $750,000 from the EFT and perhaps up to $1.5 million if certain measures are met from the development of an incredible promising technology,” Perry said.

While the city’s movers and shakers were wining and dining, protesters marched outside, shouting their unhappiness with the governor’s position on health care.

“We’re here for every hard-working Texan to say that we do not have access to health care because of his poor care, his no-care economy, and Perry’s no-care plan,” said Deyadira Trevino.

Maybe they should have been inside to hear about the heart pump for heart patients. Maybe next time.

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