Man caught stealing grease from Whataburger

KATY, TX – We all know Whataburger’s slogan: ‘Just like you like it.’ But it looks like one guy liked Whataburger a little too much. Their grease at least.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies say 39-year-old Cesar Aguilar stole 1,531 pounds of grease out of a Katy-area Whataburger’s grease trap. That much grease could equal a big pay day to someone looking to cash in on their ill-gotten gains.

But the alleged grease thief wasn’t slick enough to get past the cops. He’s been charged with theft and faced a $5,000 bond.

“If you’re going to break into something and risk your life over it, then why go after something so petty?” said David Whetzel, Whataburger customer.

Whataburger is trying to figure out whether or not the alleged theft impacted the restaurant. There’s also no word on what, exactly, Aguilar planned to do with the grease.

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