Mixing alcohol with diet soda gets you drunker faster

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HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY – It’s a Friday night and you’re like ‘Hey, let’s go drinking!’ But diet soda drinkers, beware!

A group of researchers at Northern Kentucky University are throwing around a major buzz kill. They say people who mix their alcohol with diet soda are more likely to get drunk faster.

Here’s how researchers got this cocktail all mixed up. They got 16 college students together and gave them a certain amount of vodka with regular soda and they passed a breathalyzer test.

A few days later, the group was given the same amount of alcohol, but with diet soda and they failed the breathalyzer.

“There’s no sugar in the diet drink so it goes through the stomach a lot faster. The diet mixture kind of fast forwards the digestion process of sending the alcohol into the bloodstream,” said Cecile Marczinski with Northern Kentucky University.

So the moral of this drunken tale, be careful when knockin’ ’em back or you could end up on a one-way ride to puke city!