Creatures great and small congregate to Alien Festival

ARGENTINA – Carnival here, carnival there; Mardi Gras here, Mardi Gras there. It seems like February is the happiest month of the year.

While Rio de Janeiro gets most of the attention, every town in Latin America promotes its own carnival.  But there’s one village in Argentina that took its party to a galaxy far, far away.  Get your blaster ready, Han Solo, and come shake your force at the Alien Festival.

For the second consecutive year, aliens from all over planet Earth, sort of, came to Capilla del Monte, in the central province of Cordoba, to show their super-dancing-powers. E.T. is a classic, but the New Mexican-style alien is a favorite among many party goers. Even the city mayor delivers his speeches wearing a custom.

Capilla del Monte lies near the Uritorco mountain, a place that attracts wackos from all over the world whether it is to see UFOs, practice some kind of esoteric ritual, get ready for the end of the world or just to commit suicide. With all these crazy visitors, locals decided to make some extra money.  So there you go: the Aliens Festival. Fun phone home.

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