Republicans filibuster Chuck Hagel’s nomination

WASHINGTON, DC – There’s a dance going on in Washington, and just like a high-school prom, some toes are going to get stepped on.

Chuck Hagel will have to wait a few weeks before he becomes queen of the prom, or in his case, Secretary of Defense. The Senate fell two votes short of breaking a Republican filibuster and allowing senators to vote on Hagel’s nomination. Republicans say they need more time, but Democrats aren’t buying that excuse.

The White House knew from the start that Hagel would get hassled because of his statements about Jews and gays, his positions on Iran and Iraq, and the way he rankled fellow republicans when he was a senator. And then his stumbling performance at his confirmation hearing had even Democrats scratching their heads.

John McCain and a few other senators first said they would not block Hagel, and then joined the rest of their party to use the recess for more study and to ask more questions.

And that probably means Hagel gets approved after everyone has had turn at the dance, and just like the prom.

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