Valet arguments lead to police chase, shooting

HOUSTON – It was a wild night in Houston Friday night, but it`s not All-Star Weekend we`re talking about here.

Down on Washington Avenue, a night out for one guy turned into a one-way pass to the slammer. So here`s what Houston police say went down.

A man showed up to Laurenzo`s Restaurant and wanted to park in the valet area without valeting. Valet workers told the man he couldn`t park there. In an angry fit, he drove around the parking lot, almost running over the workers and then sped off. Police were called and an officer spotted the car and tried pulling it over. That`s when the chase began, but it didn`t last long.

The car spun out, but the suspect wasn`t going down without a fight. He accelerated toward the officers, so they fired their guns at him. The suspect wasn`t hit, but he tried fleeing, reversing into two parked police cars that were blocking the road. Cops managed to catch him and arrest him.

As you can imagine, he`s facing all sorts of charges. And that`s how this guy`s All-Star Weekend turned into an all-star trip to the slammer!

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