13 same-sex couples marry at once

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HOUSTON, TX – Thirteen couples getting married at once?

It’s one big gay wedding!

Faith leaders presided over the marriage ceremony of thirteen gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples in Houston.

Despite the non-traditional set-up, vows were exchanged, rings placed on fingers, tears were flowing and there was a whole lot of love.

With a President who has openly stated his support for gay rights, the next few years have the potential to bring big changes for the LGBT community.

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  • Seatnai

    I long for the day when LGBT marriages are no longer a news worthy item. Not because I object to same sex marriage. But, as a member of the LGBT community and a Transgender Woman, I feel that we should have the right to marry when we want, to the partner of our choice, anywhere we want. Bigots should have no say in our freedom to marry.

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