Costco selling counterfeit Tiffany engagement rings?

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NEW YORK, NY – Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes are still half full, but some women across America are now discovering that their man is a jerk. Over the years, hundreds, perhaps thousands of grooms, husbands and lovers might have been buying counterfeit Tiffany engagement rings and jewelry for a discount price at Costco. But, truth be told, without even knowing it.

Tiffany & CO. filed a complaint in a federal court in Manhattan accusing Costco of selling fake Tiffany diamond rings and other items. The high-end jeweler said it was alerted by a customer who saw signs offering Tiffany rings at a Costco store in California; somewhere between the bananas and the big bottles of bleach, we assume.

Costco is certainly going to get a lot of bad press for this incident, at least until the matter is resolved.  And guys: be ready for a lot of damage control. The bad news is now you’ll have to buy “real” Tiffany.