Former San Diego mayor gambled away $1 billion playing video poker

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Can a brain tumor make you do stuff you wouldn’t normally do?

Ten years ago, some doctors wrote in the ‘Archives of Neurology’ about a guy who had a normal life until a brain tumor turned him into a porn-addicted pedophile, and not once, but twice.

The former mayor of San Diego says the same thing happened to her. Not the porn or kiddie sex, but gambling.

Maureen O’Conner was mayor from 1986 to 1992. Her husband founded ‘Jack in the Box’ and left her gobs of money when he died in 1994.

The gambling bug bit in 2001, and over the next several years she won and lost about a billion dollars playing video poker. O’Connor staked her addiction by tapping into her husband`s foundation.

She copped a money-laundering plea in federal court and will end up in prison if she doesn’t pay back $2 million. But that might be hard to do because right now she’s broke and living with relatives.