Changing kids TV habits may improve behavior

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CHICAGO, IL – Wouldn’t it be cool to put an end to violence with a remote control. In fact, researchers say that’s one way to do it. At least some aspects of it.

The journal “Pediatrics” suggests TV habits can affect children’s mental health. The more TV pre-school children watch and the more violent the shows they’re exposed to, the more aggressive and anti-social they’ll be in the long-term.

“No more TV” is not necessarily a realistic solution. Less TV, perhaps.

The suggestion is for parents to take control of what their kids are viewing and to switch the channel to educational programming, such as Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and the like.

It seems like the Cookie Monster is not that bad after all. But there’s yet another super “HD-4D” TV that could solve all these problems at once. It’s called “the outdoors”.

And parents, pay attention to your children. No TV host can compete with you.