Colorado woman denied massage because of weight

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AURORA, CO – Sure, it’s funny on YouTube to see obese people breaking chairs and tables, but when you’re told you’re too fat for a massage table, it isn’t so funny.

That’s exactly what happened to Laura Smith when she tried to get a massage at natural healing center in Aurora, Colorado.

“[the doctor] ‘she says, I’m sorry but you’re too fat for our tables, you’re gonna probably break a table and then you’ll have to pay for it,’” said Smith. “I planned it specifically for the day after my marathon because I knew I’d be hurting.”

Smith can’t be too obese if she’s finishing marathons right?!

“I’m not tiny, I know that but I’m working on it.”

Smith is six foot three and is working to shed more of her 250 pounds, but she has never had a problem getting a massage before. She doesn’t weigh nearly enough to damage a massage table.

“Most benches hold up to about 2000 pounds,” said Dr. Jim Kambeitz of Kambeitz Chiropractic Health and Wellness.

Penny Wells, the owner of Natural Healing Center, admits that she called Smith large and worried about her table.

That just goes to show you, she’s just a little cuckoo.