JFK bomber jacket auctioned off

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AMESBURY, MA – It’s bombs away again when it comes to Kennedy memorabilia.

John F. Kennedy’s best friend (or wing man) died in 1998, but it’s only now his treasure trove has been auctioned off. David Powers  worked side by side with JFK nearly two decades then ran his Presidential Library for three. Now Power’s personal items and keepsakes of those historic years have been auctioned off; along with a few that seem like they should’ve been in JFK’s Library.

Case in point, JFK’s Air Force One bomber jacket. The leather jacket with the presidential seal was estimated to sell for $20-40,000. It sold for $665,000.

Other questionable items from Power’s stash: early pictures of the Kennedy’s, a birthday card from John John (the only handwritten card he’d ever receive from his son), a pen used by JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Powers’ minute by minute itinerary of that fateful trip to Dallas in November 1963… including the notation, ‘My President is dead.’

Some items auctioned off clearly belonged to Powers; like photographs of himself with Jack and Jackie and a book, inscribed by the newly widowed Jackie stating, ‘You and I will miss him the most.’

Nearly fifty years after his death people still want a piece of Camelot and they;ll spend a fortune to get it.