North Carolina wants to ban boobs

RALEIGH, NC – It was quite a show in North Carolina. For the second year in a row women from across the state have shown up to show off their northern hemispheres.

The rally is in support of women’s rights.

“This has to do with gender equality,’ protestor Donna Newman says, ‘constitutional rights as a woman to be as free as any man.”

But not all are showing equal support.

The woman converging on downtown Ashville and baring their breasts have legislators baring their teeth. North Carolina state representative Rayne Brown is taking on the areola activists with a bill designed to rain on their parade.

House Bill 34, introduced by Brown, would make it a felony for women to expose their bare breasts in public. Legislators who support the bill say it’s intended to clarify the current state law for indecent exposure which doesn’t specify women’s breasts in its wording. Meaning that if the bill passes, next year’s protestors could face as much as six-months in prison for baring it all.

“Naked doesn’t equal sexual,’ says Lilian Care with the Friends of Women Studies at the University of Houston. ‘Because if you decide that naked – a naked body – equals, is the same thing as a sexual available body, you have gone down a very twisted and dangerous road.”

The good news is that in Texas an errant exposed areola is only a misdemeanor. Meaning our conservative super-majority still gets it right when it really matters.

“I hope nobody in Texas gets the idea from North Carolina,” Care says.

Sounds like one of those stories we keep our eyes on.

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