VP Joe Biden says forget assault weapons, get yourself a shotgun

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Double-barrel shotguns ain’t just for hillbillies or for the occasional shotgun wedding.

Some people like them for home defense. In fact, double-barrel shotguns are #1 with a bullet on Vice President Joe Biden’s list of favorite weapons.

Biden was the guest on a Facebook Town Hall hosted by Parents Magazine when someone asked if the Obama administration’s push to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will put law-abiding citizens in danger.

“If you want to protect yourself get a double-barreled shotgun, have the shells of a 12-gauge shotgun,” he said.

And he really means it, because that’s what he’s told his wife Jill to get if someone starts snooping around the vice-presidential mansion.

“I said, ‘Jill if there is ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever is coming in is not going to….’ You don’t need an AR 15. It is harder to aim, it is harder to use and in fact you don’t need thirty rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.”

Of course, what the Vice President didn’t say is that not even a double-barrel shotgun will do you any good if you end up flat on your back.

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