Dead body found in LA hotel rooftop water tank

LOS ANGELES, CA – A toilet float is one thing, but a float that affects your toilet is not so good.

Los Angeles police are trying to figure out how the body of a Canadian tourist ended up in a hotel’s rooftop water tanks.

Elisa Lam, 21, from Vancouver checked into the Cecil Hotel on January 26. Surveillance video from the hotel’s elevator looks like she’s hiding from someone. And the last anyone saw her alive was January 31.

This week, guests started complaining about problems flushing their toilets, and that`s when a maintenance man found her decomposing body at the bottom of one of the tanks.

Angelenos know the Cecil Hotel for being home to at least a couple of serial killers, including the Nightstalker, Richard Ramirez, who killed 13 people back in the ’80s.

Who knows, maybe he’s come back.

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