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Foodies, film fans and more unite for Will’s Kids Hungry Games

HOUSTON – The movie ‘The Hunger Games’ was a huge blockbuster hit about kids overcoming great obstacles. With that in mind, organizers with Will’s Kids put together a delicious night — the first ever Hungry Games!

“We have about 20 restaurants here with us tonight and they’re all competing for culinary survival,” said executive director of Will’s Kids, Janet Hayes.

A lot of hometown eateries joined in on the competition. Each prepared a signature dish to be judged on both presentation and culinary excellence. NewsFix’s own, Grego was there to participate as well.

But the night wasn’t all about the food. Will’s Kids is the legacy of Will Askew, a man who helped children and teens in need. With his vision, the organization grew to what it is today.

“We are an organization that fights poverty and helps low income kids stay in the game.”

Taylor Isaacs knows how much help the assistance can be.

“They helped me by helping me pay for my drill team. And they helped me get through the year and dance without having to worry about my parents not being able to pay,” said Isaacs.

It’s that positive influence that makes Will’s Kids a recipe for success.

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