You can now dress like your favorite mail courior

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The financially strapped U.S. Postal Service is trying something new. They’re venturing into fashion.

No, we’re not talking about new uniforms for mail carriers. The post office will be selling smart apparel, or wearable electronics. We’re not exactly sure what that means, and they didn’t bother to give any clear explanation; so we asked for help.

Paul Willis wasn’t sure either, but ventured a guess, “I don’t know… so we can track people. That’s what I think it is. If you want to know where girlfriend is, or your wife is, or your boyfriend… you can buy them a new shirt.”

John Pearson took a stab at it as well, “First I think of gadgetry and electronics all over your body.”

Sounds kind of kinky, but is it something we really need?

The new line will be called Rain Heat & Snow, geared towards men initially, woman will come later.

But with the Postal Service $16 billion in the hole last year and recently announcing they would stop Saturday delivery in order to cut costs, which in turn will cut 22,000 jobs. Is a clothing line the answer?

“They have to do something,’ says Pearson. ‘Again, the government isn’t going to step up and help them, I guess they have to.”

But still , what’s the connection between mail and clothing?

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