Ouch! Pubic hair grooming injuries on the rise

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Most accidents happen in the home, but does that include your private areas?

Scientists at U.C. San Francisco say pubic grooming accidents have increased 5 times between 2002 and 2010, leading about 25 hundred people to the ER each year. Ouch!

Trinita Clark, a wax specialist with European Wax Center has heard all the intimate details: “I hear plenty of horror stories, where they’ve nipped places that shouldn’t have been nipped, they’ve used the wrong type of clippers or trimmers. Gone in the wrong directions and caused injuries to themselves.”

For many, going o’naturale was left back in the 70’s; leading many who prefer the cleaner, sleaker, de-fuzzed look to seek professional help.

Tambra Kanady, who waxes regularly, said, “Every 4 weeks, You have to keep up with it, because if you don’t it’s going to be really, really painful.”

And it’s not just women, men like to groom as well.

57% of injuries happen to women. The most common culprit: razors. Scissors are next, with hot wax far behind.

“Just come on to us, let the professionals do it,’ says Clark. ‘We`re trained, we’re certified to perform the services, some come in, experience a European Wax.”

We suggest leaving it to folks in the business to take care of business!