Fort Bend County man dies after ATV flips over on him

A sad start to the weekend for one Fort Bend county family after a man checking on his property is found dead.

According to Houston Police Officers, the man in his 70’s was reported missing after he went out in a 4-wheeler in the 3000 block of Moffit and Landrum Lane.

“The patrol officers came out and did a check of the area.  they were unable to find him so we called in air support.  They were able to locate the gentleman in the area right down behind the residence.”  said Sargeant Cedrc Nickerson with the Houston Police Department.

The man was riding an ATV when a chain on the back caught on to something and jerked the vehicle back.  This caused the man to fall and hit his head, and the ATV fell back on top of him.

The man has not yet been identified, but HPD said he was a former Fort Bend County deputy who also ran for Sheriff about 20 years ago.

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