KFC employee fired for licking mashed potatoes

JOHNSON CITY, TE – Kentucky Fried Chicken always claimed to be “Finger Lickin’ Good” but this KFC employee got canned for taking that motto a bit too far!

The fast-food franchise worker, from Johnson City Tennessee was fired after posting a picture on Facebook of herself licking a boob-shaped blob of the chicken chain’s mashed potatoes! Ol’ coronel sanders must be cringing in his coffin!

The unidentified high school student/mashed potato licker had her make-out session with the creamy side dish go viral on social media. But the licks prompted no likes from the chiefs in the chicken coop, who quickly dismissed the tater tonguer, and the accomplice taking the pictures.

KFC maintains the licked mashed potatoes were never served to customers, which is good, because most folks would say they like their spuds slathered with butter and not slathered with saliva.

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