@pontifex account to go dark on Feb. 28

VATICAN CITY, ITALY – When it comes to Pope Benedict XVI, bird’s the word.

Looks like the Pope will be a Twitter quitter come February 28th. According to Vatican radio, his official handle, @pontifex, will close when he steps down from his golden throne.

Most likely, he’ll send his last tweet February 27, the day before he leaves the Vatican.

Over 1.5 million people follow His Holiness’s English language feed since he began tweeting three months ago. That sounds like a lot, until you realize Kim K. has over 17 million followers. How’s that for priorities?

Though we don’t think his followers will be missing much. He’s only made 36 tweets since starting the account.

No word yet on if the new pope will take to Twitter. But with God’s right hand man stepping down in a few days, and no one chosen to take his place yet — plus it’s smack in the middle of the Catholic’s Lenten season — we think the Vatican has bigger fish to fry.

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