Cuba may be seeing its last Castro

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HAVANA, CUBA – Raul Castro took the oath of office for his second five-year term and quickly announced his departure. But any dancing in Miami will have to hold off for another five years because Raul intends to stick around until his term ends in 20-18. He’s 81-years-old now.

He took over from his brother Fidel who took over the entire country in 1959, and only turned over power to Raul when he got too old and too sick.

But not too sick to show up last month to vote in Cuba’s rigged elections, probably for little brother Raul.

Waiting in the wings is this guy, 52-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel, Raul Castro’s hand-picked first vice President.

Before being tapped for this gig, mickey ‘d’ was one of five second vice presidents and a minister of higher education.

He was born after the revolution and leaped over members of the old guard, literally the ‘old’ guard. He’s a trained electrical engineer and is seen as a problem solver.

The big question is: will he grow a beard or a mustache?