Girl catches fire in hospital because of hand sanitizer

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PORTLAND, OR – When Alicia Keys sang Girl on Fire she wasn’t talking about this girl, but sadly it sort of fits.

Ireland Lane is a 12-year-old cancer survivor who was in a Portland hospital for tests after bumping her head and losing consciousness at school, when she caught on fire.

Her father Steve says, “I heard ‘Fire, I’m burning.’ And when I sat up she was running out the door toward the nurse’s station.”

The shocking incident happened when Ireland was done with her EEG and back in her room, just killing time, waiting to be released. She had just learned about static electricity and was trying to create it by scuffing her feet and rubbing the bed linens together. What she didn’t know was the alcohol-based hand sanitizer she’d used, and the olive oil used to remove the electrodes used during her EEG, would combine with the static spark to set her on fire.

Ireland suffered second and third degree burns to 19% of her body and has already had one skin graft. Fortunately, she doesn’t remember being on fire; her father, can’t say the same, “It’s horrible. You know I can’t get it out of my head most of the time.”

But Ireland Lane is a survivor and told her dad, “God never gives you what you can’t handle. So, I tell her she’s going to be the strongest person I’ve ever heard of.”

And now Ireland can tell the class what she’s learned about static electricity.