Man blows tax return at strip club, tells cops he was robbed

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HARLINGEN, TX – Are you still waiting on your tax return money? Well take a tip from a San Benito man, blowing your wad all at once isn’t such a good idea.

21-year-old Jesus Mata’s thousand dollar tax return had the guy feeling like a big-dog, so he headed down to the ole strip club and made it rain. When the rain stopped and his head cleared, Mata knew he was screwed and not in the way he was hoping for. So, he started the water-works, walked into the La Feria Police Department and told them he’d been robbed at gunpoint.

It didn’t take long for cops to realize the guy’s story was bogus, and when they called him back in he confessed to spending all of his money at Whisper’s Strip Club.

Pretty sure it became loud and clear to his wife when he had to explain his charges of filing a false report.