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Top ten most miserable cities

USA – Next time you’re trapped in the heinous Houston traffic, remember this: It could be worse.

According to Forbes, things could be a lot worse and ranked the country’s top ten most miserable cities.

Houston is not on the list. In fact, no Texas cities are.

More than half of the list is made up of Michigan and Illinois, with each state having three cities on it.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Detroit, Michigan.

2. Flint, Michigan

3. Rockford, Illinois

4. Chicago, Illinois

5. Modesto, California

6. Vallejo, California

7. Warren, Michigan

8. Stockton, California

9. Lake County, Illinois

10. New York, N.Y.

The rankings are based on factors such as crime, unemployment, commute times and weather.

It makes sense. Who would be chipper in a place where there’s no jobs, a bunch of violence and its freaking cold?

Ahh… God bless Texas.

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