Dennis Rodman: Newest sports ambassador for North Korea

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – In a world where diminutive dictators keep their friends and enemies on edge with the threat of nuclear war, there is only one man who can save civilization as we know it, Dennis Rodman.

Don’t ask us why, but basketball`s cross-dressing Hall-of-Famer Dennis ‘The Worm’ Rodman showed up in North Korea with three members of the Harlem Globetrotters to take part in what is being called ‘basketball diplomacy.’

Someone came up with the bright idea of filming Rodman at a basketball camp for North Korean kids, which will end up on HBO later in the year.

Apparently Kim Jong-un is a big fan of the Chicago Bulls team from the 90’s that won three NBA championships when Rodman was with them.

Rodman recently wrote a children’s book called ‘Dennis the Wild Bull’ that teaches kids to be themselves and the world will usually accept you.

Maybe he will do a book about his trip to North Korea: Li`l Kim and the Other Worm.

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