Kansas City suffers another brutal blizzard beating

KANSAS CITY, MO – It’s just another reason we should all be grateful to live in Houston. The end of February looks a lot different in other parts of the country. After last week’s storm dropped 22 inches of snow in parts of Kansas, another winter storm is bringing more powder their way. The state might consider changing its motto to, “there’s ‘snow’ place like home.”

Officials in Kansas City are busy trying to keep folks off the roads as their winter weather worsens. Moving on from the complete state of misery in the state of Missouri, we should take time to observe a moment of silence for our frozen brethren to the north.

The winter storm is ripping up the Texas panhandle, we’re sure folks in Amarillo feel a brain freeze coming on.  Just a couple of hours north of Houston, snow is stacking up between one and three feet, with crazy strong wind, as well as nearly zero visibility.

That’s why you got to love our big-ole state. While Amarillo’s trying to fight off the blizzard blues, we’re busy enjoying our blizzards in a DQ cup!

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