Man plans to trek across Antarctica on a boob sled

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NORTHBRIDGE, AUSTRALIA – This November, Geoff Wilson, an Australian veterinarian, will undertake one of earth’s toughest terrains: Antarctica. Why? The same reason men do anything at all, boobs.

Wilson is going to trek across the icy continent in an effort to raise a million bucks for the McGrath Foundation, an Australian breast cancer awareness group. While he’s at it, Geoff also plans to break the world record of 64 days to cross the frigid continent.

Wilson will use skis and kite power to make the trek while hauling a “boob sled” full of supplies. Yes, you read right. A boob sled. The pink sled’s boobs were molded after Geoff’s wife’s sweater puppets. Wonder if the sled will double as something else on those cold nights.

Even though Geoff plans to cross Antarctica in 64 days, he’ll have enough supplies to last him 80 days. He’ll also rely on radio contact with American and Russian research stations, just in case anything goes wrong.

So what’s in store for Geoff? Gale force winds and temperatures at 50 below zero. But that’s nothing compared to the warm, bouncy welcome he’ll probably get when he returns home.