Marine dies in skydiving accident

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PERRIS, CA – Skyfall won big at the Oscars. Sadly, a real life sky fall ended in tragedy.

An active marine died in a skydiving accident during a training exercise. It happened at the Perris Valley Skydiving School, around 75 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The marine was among a group of Camp Pendleton marines going through the exercise. Though officials are staying mum, witnesses say it looks like the marine’s parachute failed to open. A construction equipment auction house owner claims the marine crash-landed in his 10-acre storage yard.

Officials say they won’t release his name until his family has been notified.

According to the reports, there have been 15 deaths at Perris Valley Skydiving School since 2000. Sounds like this school needs to go back to class.

While we take a moment to honor this fallen marine, an investigation into his death has been launched.


  • jaymart999

    so….1st off BLUE SKIES to the marine. My thoughts are with the family and friends
    2nd why say this place needs to go back to school? because it's catchy? pretty sad to make jokes about something like this.
    Lastly those 15 deaths… do you know what ANY of the deaths are caused from?!?! are you going to let people know about that? nope you won't because you don't care about our sport or the lively hood of the people that make it safe.

  • diomerdaporco

    Clearly….whoever made this video has no idea of what skydiving is…..not to talk about the cheap use of editing while talking about the failed parachute……and a nice shot of a Marine backpack appears implying that was the chute.
    Whats up with the 007 reference at the beginning of the video??? Whats up with the music?? And what about the creator of the video blaming Perris Skydiving School?

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