Titanic II not much different than the original

NEW YORK, NY – Despite the fact that the Titanic’s been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for over 100 years, it will still go on just like it’s theme song.

Truly tempting fate, Australian billionaire and mining tycoon, Clive Palmer, has announced his plan to build a replica of the original ocean liner. Because who didn’t love that movie saying “if only I had a chance to be on that ship”?

Rest assured, even though this sequel ship will follow the exact same path as the original (from Southampton, England to New York) this time it’s not going to sink. Like we’ve never heard that before?!

Apparently it’s not an issue for some thrill seekers though. There have already been offers of up to $1 million per cabin (bet those are the rooms at the top of the ship) good luck booking rooms in third class.

One look at the blueprints and it’s like we’ve gone back in time. Frilly wallpaper, the grand staircase, they even included water inside the ship so passengers know what’s coming.

What’s missing? TV and Internet! Get this! Everyone on board will be given early 20th century-style clothes to uh…get them in the mood.

Let’s just hope the emergency evacuation plan is up-to-date!

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