Tumbleweeds covering home is the most exciting thing happening in Midland

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MIDLAND, TX – It’s a tumbleweed takeover in Midland, Texas. Yea, that’s about the only exciting thing going on there.

Midland sees its fair share of tumbleweed. Thanks to strong winds that blew into the city, those tumbleweeds gave one homeowner a run for his money.

The weeds kept rollin’ until they practically covered Josh Pitman’s home. Check it out! It covered the entire left side of the home, even making its way on top of the house and in his backyard.

“A text message with the picture of the entire left side of our house here and it’s just completely covered with tumbleweeds, most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen,” said Pitman.

Josh says he recently tore down a fence that would have probably stopped the tumbleweed in its tracks. Now you know why we put our honey-do list on the back burner; you never know when a random tumbleweed attack will strike!

What now? Josh says he’ll spend the rest of the week cleaning up the mess.