Parents sue Centerpoint after children get electrocuted

SPRING, TX – Parents should never have to watch their kids defy death. But that’s what one Spring, Texas family is going through after their five-year-old boy and three-year-old girl were badly burned by an electrical wire in their very own backyard.

Now the little ones aren’t just fighting for their lives, their parents are fighting the energy company.

The father Christopher Zarsky lays it all out in a lawsuit. He says his three kids were playing outside when a loose wire touched an energy pole, knocking the two kids unconscious.

Attorney Tony Buzbee said, “The guy wire is connected in such a way to the pole that when it breaks free, it creates a risk that it could become electrified.”

Zarsky says his little girl wasn’t breathing and was on fire. The siblings have been in intensive care at Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston since February 17. Buzbee says they have a long road to recovery.

In the lawsuit, Zarsky also says he had previously alerted Centerpoint Energy about the loose wire, but the company did nothing about it.

Buzbee says Centerpoint didn’t even tell the Zarsky’s the loose wire could be dangerous.

Centerpoint is now accused of gross negligence.

Neighbor Davis Keaton said, “People pay money to these companies month after month after month, and they don’t come out and fix anything.”

Centerpoint officials declined to comment.

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